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Inspiring Imagination

last updated 30 September 2021

“There is no place I know that compares to pure imagination.” – Roald Dahl

Our imaginations can conjure up the most gloriumptious and phizz-whizzing things! To celebrate Roald Dahl day earlier this month, we’ve collected our favourite imaginative illustrations full of curious characters, eccentric inventions and all manner of strange goings-on to make you churgle with delight!

title Ekaterina Gorelova

title Fred Blunt

title Gareth Conway

title Lucy Fleming

title Rachael and Philippa Corcutt

title Shana Nieberg-Suschitzky

title David Habben

title Marta Kissi

title Zhi Ling Lee

title Nanette Regan

title Gabriele Tafuni

title Annabel Tempest

title Julia Castańo

title Subi Bosa

title Alice Samuel

title Richy Sanchez Ayala

title Pauline Gregory

title Leire Martín

title Laura Hughes

title Cristina Trapanese

title Laura Garrido

title Héloïse Mab

title Rhiannon Archard

title Steph Marshall

title Izzy Evans

title Debby Rahmalia

title Juliana Oakley

To work with any of the featured artists, get in contact with Susan Penny here.

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