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In Conversation With Tika and Tata Bobokhidze

last updated 14 June 2023

Interview by Rhys Stacey

We caught up with Tika and Tata Bobokhidze, and spoke all about their creative process, inspirations and advice.


Talk us through your creative process. How do you approach a brief?

Of course, we love freedom just like any other illustrator. However, with the right brief, it is simple to come up with something imaginative that will satisfy the client’s needs and allow you to follow your own inspirations.

Due to the fact that we are geographically apart, our creative process frequently entails numerous phone calls. We also brainstorm the brief together. The process involves coming up with characters that fit the project’s tone and concept as well as imagining the composition and colour schemes. The next step is finding sources and doing basic sketches. This is our preferred method because it allows us to blend two concepts and views before deciding which one is the best.

Five years of collaboration made this process incredibly easy. We gain from having two different viewpoints on the same subject because we are familiar with each other’s creative sides and the process moves along much more quickly. The characters come to life as we combine our imaginations - and that’s always exciting.


Your work is aesthetically unique to you, how do you approach translating your ideas to the page?

If we don’t follow the brief, most drawings can start without the sketch. A simple color scheme or a minor element can occasionally inspire us to create a drawing. Some concepts can be finished in a few minutes; others may take a few hours, or they may not be successful at all. Experimenting is always enjoyable, but it can also lead to frustration.


Who/What have been your key influences as an illustrator?

We frequently find inspiration while visiting galleries and museums. We enjoy going together to see new works of art, talking about them, and occasionally incorporating elements that have inspired us into our own work.


How did you begin illustration?

We had a passion for the arts in common from a very young age. When we were young, most of our free time was spent drawing pictures of various things we saw around us while seated at a table with a range of coloured markers and pencils. It then developed into a career, which is a wonderful blessing since it allowed us to give kids a world that will linger with them as they become older.


What’s your favorite part of the illustration process?

We enjoy experimenting with various methods and styles since it inspires us and helps our style grow and flourish. We find the creative process to be the most fascinating and enjoyable. During the workflow, we are focused on our artistic skills, which gives us the opportunity to observe our strengths and weaknesses. Through the use of colors, feelings, and other aspects that tell the story, we attempt to capture the character’s mood.


To an up-and-coming artist, what’s one piece of advice you would give?

In our opinion, seeking out new experiences is the most crucial aspect of an artist’s existence. Artists must stay current with contemporary trends in order to keep their own distinctive style because new approaches and trends are rapidly evolving over time. The illustration industry is quite competitive, therefore you must be prepared for difficulties.


What would be your dream brief?

The ideal brief would be something we develop independently that suits our preferences and creative vision. The creation of a story for a book that we independently write and illustrate is our main goal. That will therefore serve as our dream brief at the moment.

“A double joy of creativity! Not only reliable but their art work continues to evolve and inspire. A joy to work with these ladies.” Head of BCI, Lucie Luddington

“Tika and Tata are a dynamic dream team and their considered colour choices bring me so joy! At the heart of their storytelling, is the child they are writing for, and we are in the exciting process of finalising their latest author-illustrator submissions to pitch. Dream chasing!” Managing Agent, Susan Penny


To work with Tika and Tata, get in contact with Susan Penny here.

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