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Humanity in Wartime

last updated 10 May 2022

War has been a constant in mankind’s rich history, but in times of darkness humanity has also proven its brightest. This month, we want to celebrate bravery in the adversity of war. We want to show the good that can be achieved when humans work and stand together.

title Jacqui C. Smith

Jacqui’s illustration portrays Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese ambassador stationed in Lithuania during the holocaust, who signed thousands of visas against his orders so Jewish people could flee before being forced from the country. As he was boarding the train to leave, he flung signed visas to people trying to escape.

title Lexie Mac

Lexie wanted to depict how war has become a constant companion for many people around the world and throughout history. Peace should never be taken for granted.

title Scott Brown

Scott beautifully managed to portray the ‘storm of war’ and how a seemingly small person can find the courage to stand up to it.

title Beatrice Costamagna

Beatrice wanted to raise awareness for the Skateistan foundation, which is a an organisation that focusses on bringing every day activities, such as skateboarding, and joy to children in problematic areas, including war zones.

title Chris Chalik

For his piece, Chris decided to show a scene connected to the famous WWI Christmas Truce of December 1914: It is said that for a brief moment small pockets of French, German, Belgian and British troops held impromptu cease-fires across the Western Front, some accounts mentioning a football game in No Man’s Land.

title Kristina Kister

Kristina wanted to portray the bravery of young Irena Sendler, a polish nurse, who smuggled small children in boxes out of the Warsaw Ghetto. She even trained her dog to be alert and bark very loud so the men of the Gestapo wouldn’t want to come too close to her, the barking also drowned out the crying of the children.

title Ana Sebastián

With this image, Ana wanted to show how powerful a child’s imagination can be and that it can sometimes help us escape the most troubling of times.

title Rachael & Phillippa Corcutt

Rachael & Philippa decided to show the evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940, in which around 200.000 British and 140.000 Belgian and French troops were rescued from the French seaport of Dunkirk. Not only naval vessels came to their rescue but hundreds of civilians readied their small private boats and helped with the rescue.

title Ruth Bennett

Ruth decided to portray a member of the RSPCA during WW2, risking his life to save some of the most vulnerable creatures from the destruction of war. Their efforts resulted in almost 6.000 pets being saved from bombed sites and rehomed.

title Cecilia Messina

To work with any of the featured artists, get in contact with Lucie Luddington here.

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