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Get into Character

last updated 04 February 2022

We are lucky enough to represent many incredible, fully-fledged, grown-up illustrators – artistic adults who use their vivid imaginations to bring stories and characters to life.

We asked our talented middle-grade fiction artists to turn their amazing powers of character design on themselves, inviting us to take a peek at the creative young whippersnappers that came before the people they are today.

title Sofia Cardoso

title Richard Watson

title Kristina Kister

title Ceej Rowland

title Cherie Zamazing

title Gabriele Tafuni

title Lee Cosgrove

title Hannah McCaffery

title Jennifer Naalchigar

title Katie Kear

title Kyle Beckett

To work with any of the featured artists, get in contact with Robyn Newton, Amy Capelin or Edward Palmer.

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