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Bright Illustrators for Babbel

last updated 19 February 2019


Happy International Mother Language Day! This is a worldwide annual observance celebrated today to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and create awareness of multilingualism.

So, we thought - what better an occasion to look back on some of our beautiful collaborations with Babbel Magazine who are constantly teaching us about new cultures and languages.

Here are some of the transporting illustrations created by our Bright Artists featured in a diverse range of articles.

title Mouni Feddag for 5 British Christmas Traditions That Other Countries Find Really Confusing.

title Aura Lewis for How To Start Speaking French Before Your Vacation.

title Becca Stadtlander for Here Are The 10 Most Quintessential And Relatable Fall Words.

title Hui Skipp for How Hard Is It To Learn German?

title Luisa Uribe for 5 Ways To Experience Bonfire Night In London.

title Ginnie Hsu for Improve Your Accent With These 5 Simple Tricks.

title Aura Lewis for How To Start Speaking Spanish Before Your Vacation.

title Olivia Holden for 10 Of The Most Wonderful Winter Words.

title Vivien Mildenberger for The Story Of English, In Its Own Words.

title Ginnie Hsu for Conquer Your Fears: 6 Tips To Reduce Foreign Language Anxiety.

title Olivia Holden for 7 Phrases You’ll Only Hear In The UK (And How To Use Them Like A Boss).

To work with any of these artists, please contact Freya Clark.

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