Bright for The Parliamentary Review

last updated 26 February 2019

Vicki Willden-Lebrecht, Bright’s Founder and an advocate for illustrators’ rights, was honoured to be invited to make comment to parliament through the political journal, The Parliamentary Review.

Selected individuals and the companies they run are invited to share and highlight the challenges their industry face, to give politicians and leaders in both the public and private sectors, a firm understanding of the challenges British organisations have to contend with.

Vicki: “It was a wonderful opportunity to share some of the hurdles the industry faces and for illustration to be acknowledged as part of the creative sector - usually reserved for industries such as film, digital media and photography.

“To have the voice of illustrators recognised within a group of powerhouse companies such as Working Title, Blue Kangaroo and PinPoint Media, feels pivotal. It provided an opportunity to champion the rights of artists and highlight the exploitation of contributors in the illustration industry.”

As well as representing creative talent, Bright MD Vicki Willden-Lebrecht, is continuously working with professional bodies such as The AOI to advance and protect illustrator’s rights and achieve the best working practice possible for them. It is Bright’s ongoing aim to create awareness of issues plaguing the industry and ensure artists’ work is recognised and fairly rewarded in the future.

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