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Bright Collections: Portraits

last updated 31 October 2022

Welcome to Bright Collections, a monthly newsletter from The Bright Agency’s Design & Advertising division. Here you can come to expect a selection of bold new artwork centring around a certain theme.

This month, we showcase the brilliance of the human form with earnest and honesty in this selection of portrait illustrations.

We like to think that we know our roster better than anyone, so don’t hesitate to reach out so we can discuss your next project. Get in contact with James

title Adele Leyris

title Dana Sanmar

title Chiara Criniti

title Chiara Criniti

title David Wilkerson

title Maike Plenzke

title Ellis Tolsma

title Sam Prentice

title Nastka Drabot

title Nastka Drabot

title Nuno Ramalhão

title Violet Tobacco

title Violet Tobacco

title Jodi Feddon

title Hugo Vera

title Anna Kuptsova

title Laylie Frazier

title Luigi Savino

title Riley Samels

title Steffi Walthall

title Steffi Walthall

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To work any of the featured artists please get in contact here.

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