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Bright Christmas Party 2019

last updated 18 December 2019


One of the highlights of our year is our Christmas Party, where we get the whole Bright family together. We love gathering our artists, authors, employees and friends all in one place to boogie the night away! Thank you everyone who came and raised a glass - we hope you all had a fabulous evening. We’ve collected some of our favourite snaps from the evening for you below.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from all of us at Bright.

title Drinks!

title Artist Hannah Peck and Megan Davies

title Artist Genie Espinosa

title Artists Jacqui Lee and Maddy Vian

title Artist Marta Kissi, Bella Jones and Emily Smyth

title Bright’s Jade Haggis, Fjolla Makolli and Hamdi Hussain

title Parveen Akhtar, Louise Bailey and Artist Jacqui Lee

title Artist Jen Naalchigar

title Helen Chapman and Artist Maddy Vian

title Artist Holly Sterling, Bright’s Freddie Dawson and Artist Izzy Burton

title Fay Evans

title Artists Genie Espinosa, Isabel Muñoz and Clara Soriano

title Alice Luffman, Emma Jennings and Holly Phillips

title Artist Julia Castaño and Luke Jackson

title Artist Jessica Smith

title Artist Anya Kuvarzina

title Rebecca Essilifie

title Bright’s Lucie Luddington

title Artist Fred Blunt and Helen Chapman

title Artist Stephan Lomp

title Artists Craig Shuttlewood and Ben Mantle

title Bright’s Amy Capelin, Artists Holly Sterling and Izzy Burton

title Jesse Green and Chloe Forbes

title Luke Jackson, Artist Isabel Muñoz and Artist Petronela Dostalova

title Bright’s Vicki Willden-Lebrecht

title Bright’s Vicki Willden-Lebrecht

title Bright’s Vicki Willden-Lebrecht

title Bright’s Georgia Tournay-Godfrey and Artist Julia Castaño

title Bright’s Hamdi Hussain and Artist Clair Rossiter

title Bright’s Dipesh Chohan and Artist Mark Chambers

title Artist Belinda Drought

title Bright’s Annie Gasson

title Artist Benji Davis

title Artist Rachel Sanson and Bright’s Jade Haggis

title Artists Tess Crawford Lucia Catellani

title Artist Kirsti Beautyman

title Artist Kelsey Collings

title Artist Sally Wilson

title Bright’s Georgia Tournay-Godfrey and Bright’s Annie Gasson

title Artists Chris Chatterton and Izzy Burton

title Artists Craig Shuttlewood, Felicity Sheldon, James Lancett and Marta Kissi

title Artist Jake McDonald and Bright’s Georgia Tournay-Godfrey

title Bright’s Sandra Tharumalingam Willmer and Billie Mickwitz

title Artist Maxime Lebrun and Bright’s Susan Penny

title Artist Isabel Munoz and Bright’s Sandra Tharumalingam Willmer

title Artists Ben Mantle and Holly Sterling

title Artist James Lancett and Bright’s Robyn Newton

title Artists Daniel Duncan and Rachel Sanson

title Bright’s Julija Beriozova, Artist Genie Espinosa and Jake McDonald

title Bright’s Vicki Willden-Lebrecht

title Artists Kelsey Collings and Belinda Drought

title Artist Laura Watkins, Fay Evans, Helen Chapman and Artist Frances Ives

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