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Behind the Process: Viktorija Staseviciute

last updated 06 July 2023

Interview by Rhys Stacey

As part of representing artists, we don’t just sit back and wait for new artwork to roll in! Agents work tirelessly with artists on developmental briefs to design new characters, evolve their styles and expand their portfolios.

In this new blog series, Viktorija Staseviciute breaks down her response to one of Ilaria’s briefs, and talks us through the creation of a new cover design for Lady Chatterley’s Lover.


Can you describe the process of developing your portfolio/illustrations with your agent?

I would describe the process of developing my portfolio with Ilaria as an extremely smooth and exciting experience. I asked her to imagine herself as my client to give her a sense of what it would be like to work with me. I must say, she would be the dream client for any illustrator - direct, well-aware of the artistic references, and providing useful critiques where needed.

What initiated the process between yourself and Ilaria?

I believe it was a mutually agreed decision to work on refining and elevating some missing parts of my portfolio with Ilaria’s help. As a new member of the agency, I was eager to create something specifically for them, and she was happy to help me whilst working together.

A piece like this book cover has had many iterations in it’s life, was that useful in research/inspiration?

Regarding creating a cover for a famous classic, I find the answer to this question lies somewhere in the gray zone. When working on such a project, I always check previous cover designs to see common elements and what I should avoid if I want to create something intriguing and refreshing for the viewer’s eyes. However, the most valuable and inspirational part is the book itself and its storyline - the details that capture my attention in it serve as a significant source of inspiration.

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Viktorija and I continued our conversation, speaking about her career journey so far.

All of your work is aesthetically unique to you as an artist, what are your core inspirations?

Beauty is the biggest inspiration I’ve ever found. Beauty and craftsmanship in visual arts and architecture, vintage ads and interiors, fashion and poetry. The list could go on and on. Referencing these beautiful things and merging them into my own artistic universe helps shape my aesthetic uniqueness, especially since I predominantly work by hand. One could even say it’s an homage to the craftsmanship of previous artists.

What has been your illustrative journey so far?

My illustrative journey so far has been joyful, exciting, and sometimes a little bit scary. Originally, I studied fashion design and worked in the fashion industry, and it wasn’t easy to transition to a full-time illustration career. I was quite apprehensive about switching careers, finding clients, and working on my own. However, the allure of working as an artist was so immense that I took the leap, and it seems to be working out just fine as I’m talking to you now.

What is a dream project you’d love to work on?

If I were to dream big - really big - I would love to work on The New Yorker’s cover or design famous Hermès silk scarves prints. I’ve always found them aesthetically pleasing and reminiscent of my own style DNA. Perhaps it’s because I’ve admired these things ever since I can rememberof seeing them.

“Viktorija is an amazing artist, driven by her passion for the work; she takes all jobs very seriously and with her fun, kind demeanour always helps the client understand her process. She’s a gem, I can’t wait to support her in her journey” Agent Ilaria Vigilante

To work with Viktorija, get in contact with Ilaria Vigilante here.

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