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Behind the Illustration: Sam Prentice’s playful artwork for Elle Decoration

last updated 11 May 2022

We caught up with the Brighton-based illustrator to find out what it was like working with the UK’s authority on style and design, and how it felt seeing his work out in the wild.


Your style shines through all of the work, how do you retain your artist voice within a client brief?

“Elle were a really good, easy collaborator which majorly helped the creative process. They would send me the articles (which were always fab, Eva Wiseman is amazing) and an idea of what they were thinking. I know a lot of artists like to be left to their own devices and have their own ideas, but in cases like this I always love it when the client pushes you in the right direction from the get go. Then you already know that the idea is what they’re after and you can focus your energy towards putting your own stamp on it, after all they’ve hired you because they like your style!”

title Sam’s illustration featured in Eva Wiseman’s WHY WE CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF INTERIOR DESIGN TV

Tell us about your working process

“I create my work pretty much entirely digitally just because I find it quicker and easier, so I’ll start out with a digital sketch with maybe some hints of colour to define areas and give the client an idea of the colour scheme if there isn’t one provided. My work for Elle has all ended up being nice warm peachy tones to help make the pieces feel homely. Once the client is happy with the sketch, I just start working it up with my signature block colour and tone, adding the last touch of linework over the top and sending it back over for approval.”

How did it feel being approached by such a renowned publication?

“I was over the moon as it was my first big editorial job. I used to collect Elle magazine so of course I jumped at the chance to work with them! It was almost a bit surreal to have my work featured, my mum sent me pictures of her picking up the magazine whilst she was getting her shopping. Working with Elle has been an absolute joy and I hope to keep working with them moving forward.”

To work with Sam, get in touch here.

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