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Anne (Andy) Passchier for Warner Music

last updated 06 July 2020


Anne (Andy) Passchier is a non-binary illustrator from The Netherlands, currently working in the USA. They recently worked on a wonderful project for Warner Music UK, where they created an illustration based on a song for Warner’s social media to celebrate Pride 2020.

We caught up with Anne to ask them about about the project and find out what went into creating this celebratory artwork.

Anne (Andy) Passchier for Warner Music - Pride 2020 from Bright Illustration on Vimeo.

When did you first hear about Warner Music’s Pride project? Tell us about your role in it!

Warner contacted me through my Andyrogyny Instagram profile, where I draw comics based on my experiences as a non-binary transgender person, and other designs inspired by being part of the LGBTQIA community. I was really excited to read their message, and signed on pretty much immediately. The aim was to create an illustration around a song with Pride-inspired lyrics, using one of the colors from the rainbow flag. I was assigned the color blue, and the song Love Changes (Everything) by Climie Fisher.

title Close ups from the illustration

What was your favourite thing about the project?

It was wonderful to see the artwork created by the other 7 illustrators involved in the project. Some I’d been following on social media for quite some time already, so it was cool to be part of the same project, and others were completely new to me, so I got to discover some really amazing new artists! I’ve also never seen my art animated before, so the creation of a gif as part of the project was really great.

title All the illustrations created for the project

What was it like creating illustrations based on music? Is this something you’ve ever done before?

The only other time I worked with lyrics incorporated in an illustration was for a college assignment, but I do enjoy hand lettering, and have done a lot of typography pieces. It was fun to experiment and create something celebratory during a year when we can’t physically come together for Pride. It reminded me that there are many other ways in which we can connect as a community and support each other.



Has being an LGBTQIA+ Illustrator made a difference to your career? If so, how?

I definitely think being part of the LGBTQIA community has defined my interests as an illustrator. I love using my art to educate others and it’s led to some amazing projects that I hope will be able to help kids, young people and parents alike learn and talk about their own identities.


Were you artistic as a child? Where did the creativity all begin?

I think I was! I started drawing from a very early age and was always interested in art and illustration. I grew up going to lots of museums with my mom, and reading all kinds of illustrated books. That must have sparked a passion somewhere along the way, because now my family still has binders full of drawings from when I was young. I still draw pretty much every day, for fun and for work.



What are you currently working on? Can you tell us what to expect next?

I’m working on a picture book with Little, Brown Books, about pronouns and the different words people can use to describe themselves. I’m really excited to be working on this project, as my pronouns are a pretty important part of my own identity and I would have loved to have a book like this explain things to me as a kid.


How has Bright made a difference to your career?

Bright has connected me to so many different, amazing new clients, and they’ve been extremely supportive of my personal goals and interests. I mentioned that I was interested in creating work surrounding LGBTQIA topics, and all the agents have been really wonderful at promoting my work and connecting me with the right clients. Some of the cool books I’ve gotten to work on are Rainbow: A First Book of Pride, Benny’s True Colors, and Trans +, which made it onto the ALA Rainbow Book List. This project for Warner Music is another great addition to the list, and hopefully there will be many more!


See more of Anne’s work in their portfolio. Anne is represented by Helen Biles - to work with them, please get in touch.

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