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A Day in the Life

last updated 09 April 2020

title Tsai-Yi Huang

If there has ever been a time to reflect on our daily routines at home, it’s now.

So without further ado, we bring you an insight into the lives of our artists.

How do they break up their day? Who keeps them company at their desk? Where do they get their inspiration? What defines a nice brief?

We hope our artists inspire you, as they inspire us!

title Skylar White

title Kelsey Collings

title Jieting Chen

title Marcelo Badari

title Cathrin Peterslund

title Jack McDonald

title Chi He

title El Primo Ramon

title Monica Liaw

title Dragan Kordic

title Petronela Dostalova

title Ying Hui Tan

title McKenzie West

title Seb Burnett

title Cristina Trapanese

title Ana Sebastian

title Anya Kuvarzina

title Rob Parkinson

title Héloïse Mab

title Megan Higgins

title Chester Bentley

title Denise Holmes

title Fiona Powers

title Jack Viant

title Paula Pang

title Claudia Souza

title Cindy Kang

title Laura Gomez

title Octavia Bromell

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