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沙滩的必需品 | Allie Runnion设计RipSkirt Hawaii的商品

last updated 15 July 2019

Allie Runnion’s gorgeous, vintage-inspired patterns and prints caught the eye of innovative beachwear brand, RipSkirt Hawaii, leading to the launch of a new RipWrap towel product featuring one of the artist’s aptly tropical-themed designs.

Ripskirt_Allie Runnion Allie’s brilliant pineapple print just oozes holiday vibes, and is the perfect match for this clever product.

Described as a beach, travel and training towel, the RipWrap patterned microfiber towel - with ingenious features including pockets, motivational yoga routine prompts (shown on the Yoga edition, pictured above, bottom right) and the facility to fold to a fraction of its size - can also be worn as a beach wrap, so you can show off those pineapples (not a euphemism) as you holiday!

Allie Runnion_gallery squares A snapshot of just some of the colour-rich designs from Allie’s portfolio.

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