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Artist Journey: James Rey Sanchez

15 October 2021

Though today wraps up Latinx Heritage Month, we celebrate each of our Latinx artists everyday here at Bright! Today we are celebrating the lovely James Rey Sanchez. From a young age, James knew he wanted to be an artist. Inspired by the colors of his culture and encouragement from his family, Sanchez was able to overcome obstacles that led him to be the admired and successful artist he is today. Read along to hear about moments he thought about quitting, Grandma Lola’s kitchen, and see some spooky Halloween art. Enjoy!

Imaginary Friends

06 October 2021

Today we celebrate all the friends we carry with us every day - Invisible, fantastical and loyal: Our imaginary friends! With September slowly coming to an end and all the children back at school, our artists have come together to show the beauties of an imaginative mind.

Once Upon a Dream

06 October 2021

As the nights start to draw in over here at Bright HQ, we’re getting those cosy vibes! And, as I am sure you’ll agree, we’re always excited about catching a good night’s rest, even if those pesky kiddos are not quite on the same page!

Behind the Book: Mindful Mr. Sloth

20 September 2021

A worldwide pandemic is one, uncommon, way to slow down a fast-paced life. The phantom need to get from point A to point B in a rush was stripped away just over a year ago, and we were left with the reality that we need to remember to slow down. In an effort to encourage mindfulness, Bright Artist Katy Hudson author-illustrated the lovely book Mindful Mr. Sloth (Capstone). A young girl named Sasha is always rushing through life, until she learns a lesson or two from her new friend, Mr. Sloth. Through an unlikely friendship Hudson reminds us to enjoy the small joys in life, and how our loved ones can help us succeed in doing so. Please enjoy learning more about what into the making of this book!

Publishing this Month: September 2021

01 September 2021

Fall is in the air, and new Bright Reads are hitting shelves just in time for you to cozy up as things begin to cool off. From baking in the kitchen to exploring New York City, these new stories invite readers into exciting new worlds. Enjoy!

August 2021 Right's Report

31 August 2021

Bright artists have been busy! Read about what they’ve been working on in August’s end of month Publishers Weekly rights report roundup, featuring new deals, upcoming titles, and more.

Artist Journey: Stephanie Laberis

31 August 2021

A familiar face joins us for August’s Artist Journey as we continue to learn more about what makes Bright Artists the wonderful creatives they are! From playing in the woods to watching cartoons and playing video games, Stephanie Laberis’ childhood consistently inspires her whimsical artistic style. Her books allow readers, young and old alike, to see the world through a refreshing lens and reminds us that growing up is overrated. Please enjoy getting to know more about Stephanie!

Behind the Book: What is God Like?

13 August 2021

New York Times #1 best-selling title What is God Like? (Convergent Books), illustrated by Bright Artist Ying Hui Tan, has resonated with young readers for its message of love and hope. Since hitting shelves in June, Tan’s whimsical illustrations and the writing of the late Rachel Held Evans (completed by Matthew Paul Turner) has put language to important lessons that children can understand and implement into their personal lives. We were able to sit down with Ying Hui and hear more about the details behind this book. Enjoy!

Publishing this Month: August 2021

01 August 2021

Check back here each month to see what Bright reads are publishing! Miss July’s Publishing this Month blog? Click here to catch up on all the fun titles that hit shelves last month.

Right's Report: July 2021

30 July 2021

Bright artists have been busy! Read about what they’ve been working on in July’s end of month Publishers Weekly rights report roundup, featuring new deals, upcoming titles, and more.

Artist Journey: Andrés Landazabal

29 July 2021

Seeing the world in color is the gift of a true artist, and Andrés Landazabal’s journey is marked by the lesson that the world around us is not simply black and white. Through childhood inspiration and his ability to read in-between the lines, Andrés has become an artist sure of his style and hopeful for the lessons his illustrations could teach. Enjoy!

Behind the Book: Stop That Poem

27 July 2021

Long have we awaited the publishing of Eric Ode’s Stop that Poem (Kane Miller) illustrated by Bright Artist Jieting Chen. With every turn of a page, invidual words pile to create a poem and tell the story of this poetic adventure. Chen’s illustrations not only capture the significance of young readers appreciating poetry, but also embody the truth that no matter who you are, your story is worth telling. We had the chance to hear from Jieting about the making of Stop that Poem, and the journey behind the scenes is just as wonderful as what’s inside the cover. Enjoy!

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