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Artwork by Lucy Semple

Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet

Sue studied illustration at university and also sold doughnuts from a kiosk at the zoo. The illustration career won and she has now illustrated what must be a 100 books. When she met Paul Linnet she found another twit with a silly sense of humour so they fell in love and started writing and illustrating together. They wrote such epic sagas as; ‘Barry the fish with fingers’,’Norman the slug with the silly shell’,’No-bot the robot’,’Supertato’ and ‘I need a wee’.

It seems that others enjoy their frankly ridiculous stories and they have won prizes and all sorts. As well as the Portsmouth Book award, Sheffield book award, Oxford book award and Simply books Book Factor, they also won the Lollies Laugh out loud award in 2016.

Some nice people had the great idea to make the books ‘Wanda and the Alien’ TV series, it can be viewed in nearly 70 different countries.

Sue and Paul live in an untidy and half decorated house in the seaside town of Brighton. They have a daughter called Wanda who is perfect in every way possible. Sue is pretty good at swimming and Paul likes to ride around on an old motorbike that he’s fussed about with.

Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet is represented by Arabella Stein — to work with Sue and Paul please email Arabella


“Hendra introduces another very silly but irresistible creation in the grand tradition of Barry, Norman, Keith et al.” — The Bookseller for ‘Supertato’ by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet

“A slug with shell envy finds a worthy surrogate—and then something even better.

With a fine disregard for logic, internal or otherwise, Hendra sends her bright orange slug out to find a shell so that he can join the smiling snails in their play. After failed experiments with a tennis ball, an apple, and an alarm clock tied on his back (neat tricks, considering his total lack of limbs), he straps himself beneath a discarded doughnut. This draws a bird (“Quick, slither for your lives,” counterintuitively cry the snails to one another) that carries Norman off. Sliming himself free of the doughnut (which the bird also drops, for some reason) in midair, Norman falls onto a clothesline. The surprisingly nonharrowing experience has made him eager now to take to the air, so he somehow turns a pair of underpants into a stiff glider. Off he flies with a “Ta-da!” to leave readers admiring his resourcefulness and also, more than likely, disoriented by the story’s arbitrary swerves.

The common desire to fit in gets a silly, if not particularly clever or well-knit, take.” — Kirkus Review for ‘Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell’ by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet

“The fish in the sea are bored. There’s nothing to do but swim, swim, swim. Until Barry shows up, that is. Barry is a fish with…fingers! Wide-eyed with exuberance and brandishing ten bright-orange fingers stuck on like perpetual jazz hands, Barry is just what the ocean needs. With his fingers he can do many new things. Play with finger puppets! Knit a scarf! Type a letter! Tickle! And perhaps the most important of all—warn other fish of danger. When a large box suddenly falls into the water, Barry’s pointing finger (and accompanying shout) saves the day. What is in that large box? Pirate Jack’s Tasty Fish Sticks, of course. Now all the fish can have fingers too! A bit of a plodding plot aside, it’s no wonder Barry is able to cheer everyone up; Hendra, wielding bright gouaches on playfully flat compositions, has created one impossibly endearing little fish. (Readers would do well not to explore the bioethics of the fishes’ new digits too closely, though.)” — Kirkus for ‘Barry the Fish wit Fingers’ by Sue Hendra


‘Cake’ Shortlisted Book Trust Storytime Prize

Winner of the Sainsbury’s Children’s Book Award 2018 Baby and Toddler category with Norman’s New Shell, published by Simon & Schuster.

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“If you put funny books centre–stage, you remind adults that reading for pleasure needs to be there.” — Michael Rosen

The Laugh Out Loud Book Awards, set up by Scholastic Children’s Books and Children’s Laureate, Michael Rosen in 2016, is a celebration of the very best and funniest books for children, voted for by children themselves!



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