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Artwork by Felia Hanakata

Giada Gatti

Giada Gatti is a detail-lover, illustrator and part-time storyteller who comes from a teeny-tiny city lost in the fog in Northern Italy. She first fell in love with art when she was a child, although the most artistic thing she could produce was a massive handprinted mess on the wall of her Granny’s hat shop.

She decided to study arts and mingled with Muggles while waiting for her lost owl to arrive from Hogwarts (she’s still looking for her admission letter). Giada used to dream of becoming a princess, a horse rider, a archeologist and a comic book artist. She graduated in Web and Graphic Design and Communication from the Santa Giulia Accademy of Fine Arts in Brescia, Italy. It was here where she first approached digital illustration, which she came to realise is 100 times better than being a princess!

Background music, a good book and a light bitter espresso are her perfect combo to reach the land of inspiration!

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