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Kim Hinds

As a child I was always drawing and making things. I remember creating my very first Birthday Card for my Grandma when I was seven years old, little did I know then that I would become an illustrator of over 7000 designs in print for Greeting Cards, textiles, wrap, Children’s Books and wallpapers.

I can honestly say I look forward to starting work each day and feel very fortunate that I am artistically talented.

I first started my Design Career as a Textile Designer. I was employed in a small studio at a Screen Printers who worked on a commission basis for most of the high street names. I designed all over fabrics and placement prints.

My freelance Illustration Career commenced in 1987 when I made a ‘leap of faith’ and left the relative safety of employment to become a self-employed Illustrator. It was a very scary thing for me to do at the time as I had a mortgage and a daughter to support. However, things worked out really well and I have never looked back.

Most of my early freelance work was done using gouache or watercolour. As time went on I experimented with Acrylics and other media such as pencil and collage.

Today I work mainly digitally, sometimes scanning into the computer a hand painted item to incorporate into a design, but usually designing totally by computer.

The ‘digital revolution’ has been a wonderful and creative experience for me and as software improves I feel it can only get better!

Kim Hinds is represented by Amy Fitzgerald — to work with Kim please email Amy

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