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With a background of Art School Training and a Degree in Textiles, Ella was desperate to find a role in a design studio, and started her journey as a mock-up artist for a large Greetings Company, progressing to full-time Designer.

Ella gained considerable experience working for client presentations in line with trends, to briefs and deadlines. The studios then were hugely different to now: not an Apple MAC in sight, and everything created by paint and Omnicrome! Her love for hand-painting has never left her, but has evolved to be combined with Photoshop and Illustrator.

Watercolour, watercolour Inks (DR Martins), and hand drawing in pen and ink are her typical choice of media.

Two of Ella’s main loves are fashion and beautiful flower blooms. She loves to paint detailed, delicate and beautiful figures, and - by contrast - has a sparer, more simplistic approach to florals.

When she’s not painting, Ella is either in her garden planting and drinking tea, or shopping in fashion outlets.

Ella is represented by Jo Astles — for any enquiries please get in touch

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