Katie Moore

Katie is an illustrator originally from Northampton, and now based in Cornwall, UK. A recent graduate from Falmouth University, she found she wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to the sea just yet, and so spends much of her time enjoying the Cornish weather (mostly rain), drinking tea, and drawing little round creatures. She specialises in children’s illustration, and works with hand collage, acrylic paint and drawing ink to create her artwork.

As a very young child, Katie loved spotting little details in all sorts of illustration and this has had a big influence on the way she works now as an artist (look out for the blue snail, it’s in a lot of her work). Bright colours, combined with delicate line are the basis of her work, and she strives as much as possible to illustrate with humour, and a sense of fun – despite this she enjoys tackling some ‘difficult’ subjects in her illustration, but always tries to do so in a positive, sensitive way, that will appeal to a young reader.

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