Bright Titles Go to Washington DC for the March for Moms

last updated 23 May 2018

Our friends at the Children’s Writer’s Guild made the trek down to Washington D.C. to support an important cause - March for Moms.

“[The Children’s Writer’s Guild] helped kick off the nation’s first Maternal Health Awareness Week and it was a tremendous success. More than 50 sister rallies across the country were covered by local and national media. Elected representatives, from congress members to governors, widely shared their support across social media for policies that will allow us to improve the wellbeing of American mothers.”

-March for Moms

March for Moms is in its second year and its mission is to support better maternal healthcare for mothers and their babies. Sadly, the U.S. has the highest maternal and infant mortality rate of all industrialized countries.

CWG hosted a reading table with books and crafts for children attending the event with their families; we were honored that several Bright books were featured, including The Marvellous Moon Map, illustrated by David Litchfield, Everybody’s Somewhere, illustrated by Alea Marley, Playdates Rule! written and illustrated by Rob McClurkan, and more!


The CWG table. Spot titles illustrated by David Litchfield and Alea Marley!


CWG editor, Sihui Zhu, pictured with reading ‘therapy dog’ Dylan.


The book table was a hit with children attending the march (and their parents, too!)


Spotted: It’s Not Jack and the Beanstalk!, illustrated by Edwardian Taylor.

We’re so happy to have been part of this event for an important cause, even in this small way! For more information on the mission of March for Moms and Maternal Health Awareness Week, click here.

To learn more about the Children’s Writers Guild and how they positively impact communities through promoting reading, click here.

Photo credit: Joshua B. Wright

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