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Jane Newland for Aquapurella

25 September 2019

Jane Newland’s distinctive, deliciously-detailed artwork positively demands that you dive right into it, and with this brand new range of gorgeous stationery from Aquarupella you can do just that - from the comfort of your own desk!

Bryony Clarkson for Abacus Cards

31 May 2019

Queen of collage, Bryony Clarkson, has collaborated with the wonderful Abacus Cards to create a brand new range of vibrant, exuberant children’s greeting card designs for their Claire Madicott brand.

Natural Wonders | Ag Jatkowska & Stephanie Fizer-Coleman for BBC's Springwatch range

30 April 2019

Long the preserve of breathtaking nature photography, the BBC Earth Springwatch range has seen an exciting innovation this season with the addition of a series of beautiful new illustrative designs. A true celebration of native British wildlife, the 12 gorgeous new artworks have been created by three different artists, in harmonious styles––and we are delighted to announce that the contributors include two Bright artists, Ag Jatkowska and Stephanie Fizer-Coleman!

Product showcase | Gilded Greetings and Gorgeous Gift-wrap!

18 April 2019

There’s something really rather special about seeing, and holding, a brand new, market-ready product that represents the culmination of a design project - whether that is an individual greetings card design, or a whole foil-gilded range - and we are delighted to be able to share just a few examples of commissioned artworks (as well as existing portfolio pieces) that are now enjoying a three-dimensional life in the big wide world!

Product Showcase | a super-sweet assortment for Paper House Productions

19 March 2019

Our talented artists are adept at applying their creativity to an almost limitless array of products, including a vast diversity of everyday, seasonal and gift stationery, and it is always exciting to work on projects that offer them the opportunity to indulge their innner child and explore fun and fantastical concepts for a new generation to enjoy.

In the bag | Jane Newland for SAKROOTS

07 February 2019

Sakroots–––launched in 2009 as a sister brand to the iconic, California-based The Sak lifestyle brand–––approached successful Bright Artist Jane Newland to collaborate on the creation of an exciting and unique artwork to translate into a print for their youthful art, fashion and nature-inspired bag collections.

Product Showcase | Artwork in the wild!

05 February 2019

Artwork created by Bright’s talented artists is licensed for an extraordinarily diverse array of products and applications, with new avenues constantly emerging as the demand for beautiful and engaging design extends into every aspect of daily life.

Countdown to Christmas | Ag Jatkowska for Ars Editions

03 October 2018

With a wealth of experience in creating artwork for the greetings and stationery industries, as well as illustrating myriad children’s books, puzzles and games, brilliantly versatile Bright artist AG JATKOWSKA has recently partnered with German publisher, Ars Editions, to produce a collection of adorable greetings card advent calendars.

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