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Artwork by Ekaterina Gorelova

Ekaterina Gorelova

Ekaterina Gorelova has a degree in graphic design and works in digital techniques with the introduction of live textures. From the very beginning she was fond of drawing and needlework.

She started studying to be a graphic designer, but realised at university that she created all her designs through illustrations. She created her first illustrations for volunteer organisations and now works with children’s publishing houses, bookstores, schools and local brands. Once a year she publishes an author’s samizdat book. Her works are filled with bright, charismatic characters full of personality. In her works, she tries to reflect important topics from the world around her, such as ecology, love and feminism.

Ekaterina finds inspiration in her collection of children’s books, her kitten Zelda and travel, lots of travel! Even an ordinary trip to the countryside can be an incredible adventure and inspire her to create a book or a series of illustrations. Her home is furnished with design and art objects from other designers, illustrators and ceramists.

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