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Rachel Morice

Rachel Morice is a French artist specialising in handmade drawing. She is currently living in France but enjoys travelling across Europe with her pencils and brushes.

She always had a gift for drawing and started from a very young age. In 2012 she pursued her art education in Venice, Italy where she had her first exhibition “Storie di Ucelli” in collaboration with the Museum of Venice for the non-official program of the 57th edition of the international Art Biennale.

Her key inspiration comes from the Renaissance up to the 19th century and (a lot of) Japanese Ukiyo-e pictures. Some of her favourite artists being Albrecht Dürer, John Ruskin, Rachel Ruysch and Kyosai.

Fascinated by the natural world and the anatomy of forms, she tries to capture the movement of life as well as the rendering of textures and tactile sensations of her subjects. She likes to put her own a spin on animal illustration, floral still life, culinary illustration and landscape, mixing them with symbolic imagery and tattoo drawing inspirations.

Timeless Elegance is her motto.

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