Sakshi Mangal

Working out of her studio at home in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Sakshi is naturally drawn to toward the fascinating world of children’s book illustration where bold colours and scribbly lines inspire her work.

Sakshi’s been published and recognized in the UK and North America and enjoys the challenges of storytelling and experimenting with different styles of work. Drawing inspiration from nature, Sakshi’s work is heavily influenced by imagining and observing her surrounding through the eyes of children, where bears are getting ready for a tea party and the squirrels are dancing to Spring.

Born in Mumbai, she later moved to England to pursue a Bachelors degree in Animation from Teesside University, which led to her Masters degree from Cambridge School of Art in Children’s Book Illustration. Since then Sakshi has been writing and illustrating picture books all across the globe as a freelance children’s book illustrator. She hopes through her books she can put a smile on the faces of children all over the world, as it certainly gives her immense pleasure in writing and illustrating for them.

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