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Maddie Frost

Greetings from New England!
My name is Madison, I live in New Hampshire near lots of trees and farms with my fiancé and our dog. I grew up in a similar, quiet town in Massachusetts, which explains why I have always been inspired by simple things like bugs and pebbles. I studied animation at Massachusetts College of Art and Design because I loved stories and characters (not so much the animating part come to find out). For a very long time I always thought that my style of working would stay pen and watercolors but what I learned is that creative people get bored. So I started to experiment with scanning different paper then digitally cutting pieces out onto layers to make a scene. It was my “ah hah!” moment. I loved the richness and texture I was able to achieve and soon began to scan anything I could find that would lay flat in a scanner (my socks, scarves, curtains, oatmeal, you name it).
I love illustrating images that are very funny and silly as well as images that have a more serious or softer tone. A field day for me is putting characters in nature or in an environment where I can really embrace a particular season for a setting (must be a New England thing). I love detail and charm and find it’s always worth it to spend time on that extra little spark of magic in a picture. I am always trying to push my illustration just a tiny bit further. I work from home in my pocket-sized studio and couldn’t be more grateful to be able to do what I love. I’m a lucky little thing.

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  • Digital
  • Photoshop