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Monique Dong

The journey began long before I realised my dream. As a child, drawing, art, imagining and creating were all activities that I was naturally drawn to, that when I came to the crossroads of choosing a career path for myself it became clear to me that to become an illustrator was where my heart had always been leading me.
So at the age of 19 I headed off to the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa, where I studied animation at City Varsity. Here I discovered the value and the magic of story - telling! Straight after Varsity I was employed by one of the only animation companies in South Africa at the time, Clockwork Zoo. Here, I had the opportunity to work on an animation for the Disney channel called "Florrie's dragons". In 2011 I got married and my husband and I shortly thereafter moved to China where we are currently living.
Today I am a freelance illustrator and my passion, my happy place, is creating images that encompass light, life, warmth and colour. This is my dream that is unfolding into my reality.

Artist skills

  • Digital
  • mac and tablet pen
  • photoshop