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Tom Knight

My name is Tom, and i live on Mersea Island on the Essex coast. Every so often the road linking us to the mainland gets covered by the tide, which is an excellent excuse for being late for things. After 10 years of working as a graphic designer i eventually realised that true happiness lies in drawing pictures for a living. I was raised on a steady diet of Beano comics, Tintin books and good sea air, and often found that the quickest way of making people smile was with a silly drawing. I was often in trouble for caricaturing teachers, and my drawing of Mr Keeble the french teacher became legendary throughout the school. I get a lot of inspiration from the natural world around me, and the brilliant things that our 2 boys Archie and Seth come out with. My splendid wife Tabby runs our local library, and so there are always new books coming into the house for us to pore over and take inspiration from. We share a house with several stringed instruments, a very fat goldfish and a broken boat in the front garden which REALLY needs mending.