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Yasmeen Ismail

Originally from Ireland, I came to London to seek fame and fortune.
I was told that the streets were paved with gold and so I packed up my hanky on a stick and set forth to conquer.
I had just completed my degree in Animation and soon established an animation production company when I arrived in London which successfully grew for 4 years.
After this time my business partner and I decided to knock it on the head in order to pursue family (her) and illustration (me).
Running my own company taught me a great many skills and I have worked closely with a range of clients including advertisers and directors, and have fulfilled the role of creative, producer and director on many projects.
Having made the switch to illustration I couldn't be happier. Illustrating gives me so much joy.
I have a great love of inks, paints and watercolours, and I enjoy paper craft, design, typography and collage.
I am a versatile illustrator with a great eye for colour, detail and composition.
I now live in Camden in London with my cat and my partner. We are all very happy.

Artist skills

  • Traditional
  • Digital
  • Animation – digital
  • Animation – traditional
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Flash